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136㎏くらいまで耐えるらしい。丈夫だな( ^ω^) #2fat2chocobo pic.twitter.com/FA3TbUPbbj Toshio Murouchi (@BuccoRoth) 2016年10月13日


The #FFXIV #FanFest live stream stage is set for tomorrow! Tune in for stage events and special appearances throughout the weekend! pic.twitter.com/EZGSGBUrce FINAL FANTASY XIV (@FF_XIV_EN) 2016年10月14日

The #FatChocobo is back and fatter than ever! Who's ready to get a special photo op with our favorite mount? #FFXIV #FanFest #2fat2chocobo @ffxiv Square Enix USAさん(@squareenixusa)が投稿した写真 - 2016 10月 13 11:51午前 PDT

If RNGesus wasn't on your side for day 0 don't worry! Everyone will have another opportunity day 1 to play Mini Cactpot Jackpot day 1! Come find me on the Main Show Floor dresses again as the Manderville Gold Saucer Bunny Chief with Cact...